About uplinq

About us

The market is full of book-keepers who ask you to help categorize transactions. Uplinq uses your historical financials to provide bookkeeping, metrics, and actionable intelligence - without the hassle.

WHy Uplinq is Different

We’re on a mission to make data accessible, understandable, and actionable for everyone.


Access to Source Data

Uplinq’s extensive Banking, Accounting, and Payroll integration network powers our provider agnostic Connection Center, allowing us to access ground truth financial data from a business in less than 5 minutes.


Focus on Businesses like Yours

To provide accurate, frictionless bookkeeping at competitive pricing, Uplinq focuses on target business verticals to streamline our process and provide you with the best experience possible.


Made for more than just bookkeeping

Our solution is designed to provide business owners with far more than accurate financial statements at the end of the year. We categorize transactions in a consistent manner across the businesses that we work with, providing a rich dataset to support comparative financial analysis and rich financial intelligence.

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